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Good day, we are from Ukraine!

POOL founder donates 50% of profit to Ukrainian Medical Forces to save lives and provide aid for those who suffer. Donations to be issued through president's Zelenskiy iniative platform United24 and published on pools webpage. The remaining 50% will also be funded for other charitable projects in Ukraine.
Margin fee is 0% and not planned to be reviewed nearest time. Welcome and greetings.

Stay for ukrainian people, freedom and humanity.

Follow me on Twitter @sstegno to stay tuned.
My contact is @stegno on telegram or e-mail!

Pool ID: pool1sdvrd0sxh2mprqc3m9zmvrfccavzpz9r2uancg866hpec7nnt0s

Hash #: 835836be06bab6118311d945b60d38c7582088a3573b3c20fad5c39c

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