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Welcome to Fialka
Zero Percent Fee

 Did you know that Fialka in English means Violet? This is reflected in our stake pool logo. Our symbol refers to blooming of the life, esthetic beauty and diversity of the world.

 Life - is the most astonish and all-encompassing value. Not only in meaning of one alive entity, but life as all-existance, expirience of in-living and cognition in combination with power to impact world with creational efforts expanding universe of mind and quality of being, conquering death.

We believe, that freedom, dignity, curiosity and love will not only save, but develop life and joy.

Our goal is to assist free and loving people to achive their aims and fulfill their missions.

Greetings from Ukraine! 

Fialka [FIALA] is an independent stake pool /validator operating on the Cardano, Polkadot and Near blockchains. We are a believer in decentralizing the ecosystem, and a strong supporter of small, independent pools and validators. We are one of many thousand of independent pools who are regularly producing blocks on chain...and what do minted blocks mean for you and your staked crypto? Rewards of course! ... and with our 0% fee approach, you keep all the rewards generated. Like what you are reading? Delegate here

Our pool is based in Sumy in eastern Ukraine, and we are donating to the Ukrainian Medical Forces who are busy saving lives of the people in our country by supporting medical section of ukrainian presidents Zelenskiy's platform United24 - you can read more about this in the link opposite. Also, we're accepting applications directly from anyone who cares.

Stay for people, freedom and humanity. SLAVA UKRAINI ! GLORY TO LIFE !

Contact us on X @fialkapool , on telegram @fialka_live or email

Cardano Pool ticker: FIALA

NEAR Pool address: fialka.poolv1.near
PolkaDOT validator address: 14oRxBkBvuPrEba7MfwQsXEbUcHU2GJxZceRMwtCbHHgSKR4

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